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The Cynthia Goodhue FSC Scholarship

By Rebecca Bell, 11/02/18, 12:45PM EDT


It is still sharp to the heart, the loss of someone so young, vibrant, strong and compassionate. We lost Cynthia way too early. She loved everything about the outdoors, but her passion was the solitude and energy she got from skiing. She shared this passion with generations of young skiers for decades as an instructor at Cannon.  Her specialty was working with the young ones, sometimes those who could barely stand up. She had the patience of an angel and the determination of a bull.  Her integrity, sense of values, her warmth, generosity, strong heart, made Cynthia an incredible person and someone who is deeply missed. 

In memory and honor of Cynthia's love for skiing, we are raising funds for a scholarship that is specifically for the youngest female racers through the Franconia Ski Club. They would be considered U10's. Our goal is that through these funds, each year we can award a needy family with a young girl that has the drive to learn to ski and race. We hope these funds can support each recipient in the manner they deserve.