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ZGiRLS coming to FSC this winter.

By Rebecca Bell, 10/11/18, 2:15PM EDT


Greetings FSC U12 and U14 Team,

My name is Kristina Regan and our entire family is excited to join your ski program this winter. We had the pleasure of getting to know some of you at races last winter and more of you at the September Fit Day. 

I know everyone is busy with fall activities, but please take a look at what I would like to start up in December for our U12 & U14 girls and let me know if you're interested in joining. Eric Price along with the head U12 & U14 coaches are excited to give this program a try if we can get a minimum of five girls to sign up.

If you have not heard of ZGiRLS, below are some details or you can link to their website here: Basically, ZGiRLS is a confidence building and mentorship program that was started in Seattle and was started by Olympic & NCAA athletes. They have an amazing ambassador team that supports ZGiRLS and spans ski racers such as:

  • Libby Ludlow

  • Alice Merryweather

  • Kaylin Richardson

  • Megan McJames

I wish this program was in place when I was racing and their mission is admirable: "EMPOWERING GIRLS IN SPORTS TO BE CONFIDENT, RESILIENT AND COURAGEOUS".

ZGiRLS form teams, which are called "Circles", that are led by one of their mentors who is a former or current female athlete and has been in our daughter's shoes. We get assigned a ZGiRL mentor to run each huddle and the girls each get a workbook and learn valuable life skills to navigate sports and life. Here's the link to see the curriculum:  ZGiRLS Curriculum™ Book! Over the course of the three-month season (December - February) the girls meet in "Huddles" 6 times, which are usually an hour long. Our girls learn sports based concepts to strengthen her mental game and build self-confidence.

This is a breakdown of their curriculum:

Level 1 (1st 3-Month Season)

  • Mental Awareness

  • Positive Self-Talk

  • Body Image

  • Confidence

  • Goal-Setting

  • Celebration

There is also a Level 2

  • Beauty & the Media

  • Meditation

  • Team Building

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Self-Affirmations

  • Celebration

AND 3 more levels after that...

Here's a great VIDEO with basketball player Sue Bird sharing her story and talking with a Circle. Lindsay Vonn has also been doing Strong Girls camps with ZGiRLS curriculum if you want to search that out.

I have admired this program for a while and thought it would be great to introduce to our daughters at FSC too. If you're interested in signing up your daughter, let's talk or email me if you have questions. Hopefully we can get a group started for this winter. You can also simply register directly on the ZGiRLS website by November 1. You would want to "join a circle" and I have created a group for us called NH101. The cost for the program is around $199, but please don't get discouraged by any costs as there are scholarships available if needed.

For more information you can always reach out to ZGiRLS' Program Outreach Manager, Monique, too at 360-770-6862.


Warm regards,

Kristina Regan

Cell: 603.731.3275