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Mittersill Performance Center

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We pulled together and raised $250,000 to meet the Match Challenge. Now, a generous supporter will double that amount, resulting in $500,000 towards the constructions of the Mittersill Performance Center!

This is a huge step forward in our efforts to fund the new MPC, and we are grateful to the following who contributed towards this goal. We could not have done this without you, THANK YOU!

Peter & Paula Ainsworth
The Alphas Family
The Anastas Family
John Angier
The Barnhorst Family
Tucker & Amy Barnaby
Sam & Susan Barnard
Scott Bassett
Brian & Rebecca Bell
Bennett Landscape
Steve & Cindy Berlack
Walter & Grace Bird
Patty and John Bottomley and Family
Yellow Light & Christina Valar Breen
Judy Bringola
Joe Brodeur Jr
Josie Brownell
Kent Butterfield
The Cabot Family
Bill & Martha Callender
The Chandler Family Seth, Robin and Brooke
John Cochrane
Bob & Anita Craven
The Crowley Family
Tyler Crowe
Judy, Megan & Bridget Currier
The Culver Family
Cliff & Gloria Daly
Ivar & Janice Dahl
Joe Dorion & Laurie Brewer
Bill Doyle
The Druker Stockwell Family
The Drummond Family
Jacqueline Trotta
Carl Erickson
Jamie Fagan
The Fay/Edmund Family
The Flock
Floorcraft, LCC
Tracy McCoy Gillette
David & Elizabeth Glynn
Gregg & Marnie Gordon
Judson D Hale Jr
Robert Hall
Rob & Heidi Hamilton
The Harrigan Family
Nola Harrigan
Corey & Becky Hebert
The Hoglund Family
Evan & Rebecca Hornbuckle
Ron Houle & Ann Foster
Ray, RJ & Ashley Humphreys
The Jackson Family
The Joyce Family
Laura Keating
Tom & Mary Ann Lahaise
Richard & Barbara Langworthy
Denis Laurendeau
The Lavallee Family
Cliff & Sara Libby
Ian & Lois Lipton
Anne Marie Luscher
Jeffrey Lyman
Mary MacLennan
Sam Macomber
The George Macomber Family
David & Meghan McPhaul
The MacPherson Fund
Kellie Maguire
Dan Marshall
Chip & Hope Martin
Kevin & Sylviua McCarthy
Morgan McCarthy
The McKim Family
The McLain Family
The McPhee Family
Stacy Meier
The Milne Family
Carrie Mock
Tom Morton
Muddy Pond Trust Fund
Helen & Peter Neal
James Olmsted
John & Susan Omohundro
The O'Neill Family
A. Neill Osgood ll
Henrik & Celia Pedersen
Keith & Tracey Perkins
The Perlman Family
Cecily Peterson
Paul & Susan Phaneuf
Christina Pligavko
Bill Poulakis
Krissy Pozatek
Presby Construction
Eric & Andrea Price
Anna Sofia Protopapas
Jeff Randall
Linda Rebman & Kate Prisby
Matt & Kristina Regan
William Rice
Richard & Linda Rice
Paige Roberts
John Rutherford
Galen and John Ryley
Stephen Samarov
Maria Samihaian
Andrew & Christine Schmitt
Marlene Schwartz
Scully Family Foundation
George & Clair Sherman
David & Mary Sherrill
Kathy Simpson
Garrett & Meghan Smith
Leo Stevens
Dick Tapply
Tim & Megan Tapply
Chris & Wendy Thayer
Chris & Joyce Thoma
Susan Thompson
Matthew Toms
Jeff & Rebecca Trachsel
John & Jennifer Tracy
Audrey & Maggie Trzcinski
Upper Valley Snowsports Foundation
Karl Virgin
Ryan and Kyla Welch
Gary Wheaton
Bob Whittaker
Paolo & Kelly Wieser
Ann Williams
Richard & Leslie Williams
Caleb & Phoebe Winder
Michelle Winning
Thach Winslow
Edward & Danielle Yates
Michael & Leslie Zimmer

    Franconia Ski Club

    The Mission of FSC is to impart the joys of skiing and the life-long lessons of healthy competition to the children of its broad and open membership. The club achieves its mission by providing thoughtful, caring and professional instruction in skiing and ski racing and by supporting and sponsoring all levels of NHARA and USSA Jr racing.

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    Contact Us Franconia Ski Club

    Phone: 603-823-7106

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    Mittersill Alpine Resort® is independently owned and operated and is not affiliated with the Franconia Ski Club or the Mittersill Training Venue at Cannon Mountain.

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