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Our Alumni are Important!
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2nd Annual Homecoming Day, Saturday Dec. 27

Please join us for the 2nd Annual Homecoming Day on Saturday December 27, 2014.  Open to all FSC Alumni.  1-3 p.m.  Fun Race at Cannon Mountain.  4:30-6:30pm Cocktail Social at Ernie's Haus.  Don't miss this wonderful opportunity for FSC Alumni and current members to visit and reminisce about good times on the hill.  Drinks and light hors d'oeuvres will be served.

To RSVP, click here:  Alumni Homecoming Race.



Baron's Run is Complete!

View of work being completed on Baron's Run this past October.  Let's hope for enough natural snow this winter to be able to rip it up! 



Winner of the "Calling All Alumni" Ski Pass Contest

We have a winner!  Congratulations to Andrew Mosedale, Franconia Ski Club's “Calling All Alumni” contest winner.

Andrew was drawn from a pool of valid entries and was awarded the 2014-2015 Cannon Mountain Season Pass.

Andrew is a FSC Alumni parent and we appreciate his participation in the contest.

Thank you to all who participated! We’ll see you at Cannon!

Sylvia McCarthy
FSC Alumni Development Chair


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Rep the Brand!  Get Your FSC Apparel

Relive your glory days with a t-shirt or waterbottle from the Franconia Ski Club.  Our on-line store makes it easy to purchase hats, sweatpants, t-shirts and various assundries.  Simply click here and place your order.  All proceeds benefit the Club.


Virgin-MacLeod Memorial Golf Tournament

Fun was had by over 70 golfers at this year's Virgin-MacLeod Memorial Golf Tournament.  Funds raised from the tournament go to FSC's Scholarship Fund to help local kids defray the cost of ski racing.



Welcome to the FSC Alumni Newsletter
by Sylvia McCarthy, Alumni Development Chair

The Franconia Ski Club has a long history of ski racing in New Hampshire and around the globe. The ever-growing ranks of FSC alumni are an integral part of our past and an important part of our future.  We are committed to helping you stay connected with each other and with your Alma mater.

Several times during the year, FSC holds events that are open to alumni that offer a chance to meet old friends, visit former coaches, and develop new contacts. We encourage you to use our online Alumni Update Form to stay connected and let us know of the milestones of your life’s journey.

FSC Today
by Richard Smith, Program Director

Did you know that FSC currently has over 170 children in its' weekend race program, a vibrant Masters Training Program on Saturday mornings, a Winter Term Academy, and a thriving relationship with the Holderness School?  While ski racing in the central and western regions has seen a decline over the past few years, FSC has seen record growth.  Through our annual golf tournament, we are able to offer financial assistance to athletes in need, four full scholarships to local children, and scholarship awards to graduating students in the Franconia area.  Our relationship with The Holderness School has never been stronger and 55 USSA student athletes from Holderness join the FSC family during the winter to train at Cannon Mountain.  Our Master's Program is open to all and enjoyed by racers around New England from 18-75 years old.  The annual Ski Swap and Sale every fall continues to be an important community event, offering gently used race and ski equipment to Franconia area residents at significantly reduced prices.  And Ernie's Haus continues to be the hub of our community.  If you ever find yourself in the Franconia area, please stop by and say Hello.

Mittersill Update

by Christina Valar-Breen, Capital Campaign Co-Chair

There have been a lot of exciting developments this summer and fall regarding Franconia Ski Club/Holderness/Cannon Mountain's ambitious project to create a world-class Race & Training Venue at the Mittersill Slopes on Cannon Mt.

On October 9th, USSA President Tiger Shaw announced the USSA's support for this project and their intention to designate this venue an "Official US Ski Team Training Site."  This is a tremendous honor, and the designation recognizes the enormous potential this venue has to impact eastern regional development capabilities - especially with regard to speed training.

The USSA announcement came in conjunction with a significant foundation pledge, which has propelled us half-way to our Mittersill Project fundraising goal of $4 million dollars.

We are also thrilled to announce the initial startup of The Mittersill Slopes Improvement Project.  This year's phasing includes:

1)  On August 25th, 2014, initial construction began with the widening - including tree clearing, stumping/grubbing, grading and re-vegetating - all of Baron's Run, as well as widening the top of Sky Line & Ridge Run;

2)  Purchasing a high capacity compressor (will improve snowmaking capacity on Cannon overall by 28%); and

3)  Engineering & permitting the Echo Lake dam (required by our 401 water permit).

Phasing projected for 2015 include the Taft Race & Training Venue, the Valar T-bar, Echo Lake dam construction and the installation of the snowmaking loop.  

This project is a game-changer for FSC, NH and eastern skiing.  If you have questions please contact FSC President David Fitzgerald at


FSC Alumni Spotlight

Each Alumni Newsletter we will feature an FSC Alumni.  This issue we profile Evan Mullen, who was at FSC from 1990-1995, before going to Holderness, then on to UNH.  He is now an architect at Port One Architects and lives in Portsmouth, NH.  

FSC:   How has FSC influenced your life after ski racing?

EM:  Training at FSC and skiing at Cannon taught me three important things…

Mental Toughness:  When it’s freezing cold outside and you know it’s twice as windy on the mountain, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed.  Dig deep for mental strength.  Get out on the hill and have some fun.

Making Sacrifices:  Your parents and coaches make sacrifices so you can enjoy doing something you love.  Always remember the efforts that people make on your behalf.

For the love of the sport:  You might not always finish every run the way you want, but don’t let that get in the way of skiing for the love of the sport. 

FSC:  Can you share a story about a particular coach that made a positive impression while at FSC?

EM:   Back in the day there was a young guy named Jody Lozeau who was probably right out of college.  He usually coached the older kids, but once in a while was with us younger racers.  After setting a slalom course, he would give it a test run and totally rip it up which was awesome to watch.  He’s a great guy and I believe is still coaching somewhere these days.

FSC:   Any thoughts from one particular race you can share with us?

EM:   As a freshman at Holderness, I skied out of the course first run and had to hike in a slalom race at Loon.  I started nearly dead last second run, but coaches Craig and Rich were both there to give me some inspiration after being pretty bummed out about it.  The point is, it would have been easier to pack up at lunch and head home but finishing both runs is way more gratifying.

FSC:   What’s your favorite trail on Cannon? Why?

EM:   Upper Cannon and Upper Ravine switchback turns are fun to rip around, but Paulie’s and Avalanche are awesome on a powder day or freshly groomed.

FSC:   Speaking directly to the young racers; what wisdom can you share with them?

EM:   Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.  Set goals for yourself and stay focused, but don’t forget to have fun or you will forget you do it in the first place!

FSC:   What are your best memories of the fashion and equipment of your era?

EM:   Neon colors of the late 80s and early 90s were hot.  It’s really too bad people lost their sense of humor in the mid-90s.  As for equipment… seeing pictures of the super long, narrow, straight skis with really high tips reminds me of the days when Alberto Tomba and Marc Giarardelli ruled the universe.

FSC:   Looking ahead to the 2014-15 season (World Cup); is there anyone in particular you are watching?

EM:   Now that Warner Nickerson has retired, who is left to watch?  I guess I’m rooting for all the others who went to college and continue to chase their World Cup dreams.  I’m also rooting for Holderness alum. Julia Ford, and of course, who doesn’t like watching Ted Ligety and Mikaela Shiffrin dominate?

FSC:   “I Am Cannon”.” What’s your Cannon story?

EM:   One very cold and windy day in the beginning of the season when only the top of the mountain was open, the quad shut down with everyone on it.  After what seemed like hours of beating our hands against our legs to stay warm, they finally got it going.  With some free food and hot chocolate compliments of the mountain, we were downloaded on the tram with no doubt of returning the next day for more Cannon.

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